Hey! I'm Oscar Sloane, a passionate commercial, outdoors and lifestyle photographer from Tasmania, Australia.

After first picking up a camera and capturing moments in 2017, I soon found a strong passion for photography which has left me creating work with a unique style. From travelling over the world and connecting with clients to story tell through powerful imagery, is what I desire.

I am able to produce content to adapt to a wide range of audiences, working with companies to help put their best advertising foot forward. I will capture the moment, style, tone of a place, person, event or brand and use my photography skillset to tell your story. I specialise in commercial, outdoors, adventure, architecture, airbnb, and landscape/travel photography/videography.

If you have any projects, collaborations or want to work together in any type of form, I am available domestically or internationally and I look forward to chatting.

Thank you for stopping by.

Selected Clients

Tourism Australia  //  Tourism Tasmania  //  Jetstar Australia  //  N+B Design  //  S Group  //  Vie Financial  //  RACT 

Avalon Retreats  //  Britz Campers  //  Travellers Autobarn  //  Flinders Island Aviation  //  Freycinet Air  //  Southern Alps Air

Wings Wildlife Park  //  McDermott's Coaches  //  The Cove Tasmania  // Adobe Lightroom

Icebreaker New Zealand  //  Columbia  // Lowa Boots  //  Duer Performance  //   Trespass  //  Norden Project  //  NFPD Brand

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